What Can Be Pledged As Bail Bond Collateral

Collateral refers to items that a person will pledge as security for a payment. In the event that the original payment is neglected, the owner must relinquish their pledged collateral to the person or group that it was pledged to. If there are no issues with original payment, then the collateral is released back to the original owner.

Collateral is basically a guarantee and is very often associated with needing loans, paying for mortgage, and even paying for bail bonds.

Items that can be pledged for collateral must be of significant value. Therefore, common items that are pledged for collateral include property, vehicles, valuables, and electronics. In order for property and vehicles to be accepted as collateral, it usually requires the original owner to have full ownership, or at least large majority, of the property or vehicle. This means that they are no longer making payments on the property or vehicle.

Electronics can be of value as collateral if they are more current in terms of technology. For example, a 70 inch flat screen television is worth more than a 12 inch box television. Therefore, the 70 inch television is more likely to be accepted as collateral, because it has a greater monetary value.

The value of the item or items pledged as collateral will need to equal a certain amount of money. The bail bond company will determine this, which will let you know if you need to pledge more or not. As long as you keep up with the monetary payments for the bail bond, and as long as the defendant shows up for court, then the collateral will eventually be returned.

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