Who is Eligible for a Tennessee Bail Bond

Many arrested people would like to take advantage of a Tennessee bail bond but aren’t sure if they are eligible.

Have You Been Granted Bail?

The first step in determining eligibility for a Tennessee bail bond is deciding if you’ve been granted bail. In some situations, you don’t have to go through an arraignment, the booking officer will tell you how much bail is needed. With more serious charges, you will have to go through a type of hearing that’s called an arraignment. During the arraignment, the judge will listen to the details of your case and decide how much bail you should be required to pay and what type of restrictions will be attached to the bail.

If you have been granted bail, and as long as the judge doesn’t say that it must be a cash bail, you’re eligible for a bail bond.

The next step is contacting Clinton Bail Bonds. We will listen to your situation, look at how large a bail bond you require, and decide if you need things like a co-signer or collateral. Once all of this has been discussed and settled, you’ll be able to sign a bail bond contract, and we’ll post the bail bond that secures your release from jail.

The sooner you contact us about a Tennessee bail bond, the sooner we can start the process of creating the bail bond, which means the sooner you’ll be released and reunited with your loved ones. We promise to process your bail bond as quickly as possible.