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Pre Vs. Post-Arrest Questioning

What’s the difference between pre-arrest and post-arrest questioning? In pre-arrest situations, no Miranda Warning is issued if the person is […]


Payment Plans without Interest

When it comes to making big purchases, most people prefer to get a discount of some sort, or at the […]


A Quick Guide to Bail Bonds

While most people have heard of bail bonds agencies, few actually understand what they are or how the bail bonds […]


We Rescue People from Jail Quickly

Whenever someone has to face something unpleasant, they want to finish it as quickly as possible. After all, that’s why […]


Mobile Bail Bonds in Tennessee

Clinton Bail Bonds is committed to making the bail bonds process as simple and easy as possible. Offering mobile bail […]


Why Does Bail Exist?

Bail exists to help balance the justice system. The purpose of bail is to let recently arrested defendants leave police […]